His Eminence's Message Addressed to International Quds Day Conference

Today one of the issues, and perhaps the most important of them, in the Islamic world and international arena is the issue of the holy Quds and Palestine.

His Eminence's answer to inquiries about fasting the holy month of Ramadan with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic

It has been said many times in recent days that fasting is one of the obligatory acts of worship which must be performed by individuals ...

Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamedani congratulates world Muslims on the auspicious birthday anniversary of Imam of Age, Imam Mahdi – may Allah hasten his reappearance.

We congratulate all those who anticipate the coming of the savior of the world, the awaited savior of the nations and reformer of the world, our master, the Imam of Age, Imam Mahdi (AS) on his auspicious birthday anniversary. Without a doubt, today the world is thirstier than ever for that only savior of the world.


Question number 33657:
Salamun alaykum. Is the fast valid if a person is unable to throw out his mucous or phlegm and it goes down his throat without him being in control of it?

Answer :
If it does not reach his mouth and it goes down his throat, there is no problem and his fast would be valid.

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